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Jenn Taggart

Hello, my name is Jennifer Taggart, and I am a coach and manager at Parkinson's Boxing. Before I worked at Parkinson's Boxing, I was the Director of training for L.A. Fitness and World gyms. I have dedicated myself to the fitness industry for many years.

In effort to keep my workouts unique and different, I decided to take boxing lessons which led me to Dean Eoannou. I took lessons from Dean for 10+ years. I had no idea the complexity of the sport and how rigorous the training would be, and what it would mean for me down the road. I continued training in the gym as well and did 4 figure body building competitions and placed in all of classes entered.

I began to grow tired of the industry that cared more about money than its clients; that is not my motto. Health and well being are top priorities for me not how much money a client has to spend on training lessons.

Dean had mentioned that he switched his boxing gym to a gym that was dedicated to people with Parkinson’s disease and that he was improving their quality of life. I knew nothing about what he was doing but was so excited to hear of the results he was obtaining with his program. Dean invited me to come work with him at his gym and what a blessing it has been for me. I get to watch and work with people daily and help improve their quality of life. I personally have gotten two clients out of wheelchairs and both clients are walking free without any assistance!

These are the type of things I get to experience daily at my work. My work is not work or a job, it is a place I get to go to every day and watch as the magic happens working with people who I genuinely care about. We here at Parkinson's Boxing are a big family and are looking forward to you joining it.


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