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Paul Hoffman

I have been with Parkinson’s boxing since 2019. I started boxing back in 2015 and boxed competitively for 2 years, and won all of my fights by stoppage! Furthermore, winning my last fight I became a 2016 sub-novice Golden Gloves State Boxing Champ.

Before I started my boxing career I was into multiple different sports growing up. If you could throw it or hit it I wanted to learn. During my high school career I was a 3 sport athlete (Volleyball, Basketball and Track and field). By the end of my high school athletic career I was awarded as the athlete of the year in 2008.

In college, I was recruited to run cross country and track and field at a Division II school called Mount Olive College down in North Carolina. There I had many accomplishments, winning conference championships and breaking school records. I was also able to run at the NCC DII Cross Country Championships where our team placed 23rd. I graduated with a B.A. in criminal justice.

Since I started working at Parkinson’s boxing I have seen a whole different side of life and the joy of having to come to work down here.

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