A Program to Help Employ Veterans While Enabling Parkinson's Patients to Take Their Lives Bac

First, thank you for taking the time to learn about Parkinson's Boxing. Over the last five years, we have been able to continually improve the lives of our clients who suffer from neurological disease and injury through the art of boxing. 

Our dream is to be able to partner with the US Department of Veterans' Affairs to effectively train veteran coaches to become members of our team and enable them to run the Parkinson's Boxing program
at existing VA facilities across the country. 

In the US, fatal falls cost the government nearly $50 billion annually. Our program has been scientifically proven to decrease these types of falls by 87%. We want the veterans to be a part of our mission and think that their mindset, skills, and training make them perfect candidates to become partners of Parkinson's Boxing. 

Please read through the rest of this page to learn more about our program, who we are,
and why we do what we do. 
To reach out for more information or to meet with our team,
please call 716.348.2823 or email

Thank you, 

Dean Eoannou
Parkinson's Boxing Creator, Owner & Coach


We recently worked with a neurologist out of Northwestern University to have our program studied. 
Click here to read the entire published study or read below for a summary of the study. 
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