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Colleen Eoannou

My experience lies in the senior living industry and most recently as an Executive

Director of Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. As an executive director I

was responsible for the overall operations, the daily administration and management of

the facility. Responsibilities included the planning and development, implementation and

evaluation of all programs, services and policies and procedures while ensuring NYS

regulatory compliance. I oversaw a management team to include Nursing, Case

Management, Maintenance, Dietary, Marketing, and Activities with a total staff of 70


I worked with individuals who needed assistance with the activities of daily living as well

as those affected with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive and physical

impairments. Socialization along with physical and mental stimulation were the key

factors in one’s ability to thrive in a community.

In addition, I facilitated support groups for families and caregivers providing care for

someone with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease impacts every aspect of daily life. As

Alzheimer’s patients lose one ability after another, caregivers face tests of stamina,

problem-solving, and resiliency. During this long journey caretakers face difficult

challenges. Understanding this disease, my goal was for others to envision their world

and celebrate what is still possible.

Becoming a coach at Parkinson’s Boxing once again gives me the opportunity to see

one thrive in an environment where the possibilities are endless.


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