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Bill Smith

In March 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My wife and I cried and worried what

my future would be like. Our research led me to a Parkinson’s support group where I saw Jeff

Quinn, whom I had worked with in the past. Jeff suggested that I go to Dean Eoannou’s

Parkinson’s Boxing.

My first session was in May 2017 and since then my worries have been replaced with the

knowledge that you can fight this disease and have a fulfilling life. Wendy Casey, a world class

boxer has been my coach for most of that time. I retired in July 2021 and 3 months later I

began working part time with clients at Parkinson’s Boxing. I hope my personal experiences

help lessen their worries and that by coaching them using Dean’s methods they will develop

skills to improve their quality of life.

Education / Athletics

  • Riverside High School (Buffalo NY) Regents Diploma. Played on championship teams in football (Harvard Cup) and baseball (Cornell Cup).

  • State University of New York at Buffalo. Bachelor of Science – Business Administration

  • Presidential Award Recipient – Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America

  • Town Boys’ and Girls’ Club Tonawanda NY – Past Member of the Board of Directors and Baseball Coach

  • Certified USA Boxing Coach


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