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Tyler Kruse

I am a graduate of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and I graduated with a 100 career GPA.

I started training for boxing with Dean when I was 8 years old. I boxed for a total of 14 years. I’ve had several fights throughout my amateur boxing career. When I was finished competing, I continued to train and helped out as a sparring partner and mitt man for Dean at the University at Buffalo Boxing Club.

After Dean left the University at Buffalo Boxing club, I stepped up and helped coach the club for 3 years. I became a certified boxing coach and have been in the corner for many amateur boxing matches with UB and other fighters.

Dean offered me a job working at Parkinsons Boxing LLC. After witnessing the affects of Dean’s boxing program on clients with Parkinson’s, I decided that I wanted to help and be involved. I was currently attending UB as engineering major. After a short time at Parkinson's Boxing LLC, I decided to leave school and focus solely on my clients.


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